Design, Build, Landscape & Maintain Water Features. We perform all aspects, Concrete, Coatings, Precast Installation, Fountain Installation, Landscapes & Pavers preformed in-house.

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Shotcrete for Overhead & Beam repairs. Speed & ease of partial depth concrete repairs. Fills the void after the removal of loose concrete.

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Shot blasting & Grinding floor prep, using dustless equipment off hours installation of epoxy coatings in mechanical rooms.

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Removal Prep & Installation of traffic membranes. Protect the parking garage from salt & water exposure.

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Sealant replacement includes 5-Year manufactures warranty. Sealant between precast panels prevents water penetration leading to corrosion.

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Wear Slab replacement, waterproof membrane replacement. All preformed in-house. Install new waterproofing to protect parking garage below.

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